W.W. Norton URL Shortener : About

What Is It?

The W.W. Norton URL Shortener  makes it easier to visit sites and media listed in W.W. Norton publications. It accepts a short URL and instantly redirects to the longer destination-URL.  

The Short URLs can begin with or, and may be random or human-readable. An example random Short URL is An example human-readable Short URL is Both of these ShortURLs redirect to

How To Use It?

To visit a Short URL that you see in a W.W. Norton Publication...

Type the Short URL into the address bar of your Web browser. You will automatically be directed to the full site, page, or media.

To create a Short URL...

 If you are a W.W. Norton staff member, click the image on the welcome page to log in. Creation of Short URLs is limited to W.W. Norton Staff.

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